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Liquor Hangover Cure

When you go out and get trashed off a bunch of cheap liquor, you usually wake up with the worst hangovers possible.  Why is this?  Why can't you just go out and get totally smashed off some McCormick's and wake up feeling like a million bucks instead of ten cents?  We are here to tell you what's up with drinking too much liquor and also where to cop the best hangover cure on the market today.

First of all, when you drink beer or wine, you really aren't getting highly concentrated amounts of liquor in your system like you are when you take 4 double shots of tequila in a row.  With beer, you are at least getting some water back in your system, even though you end up pissing it out anyway.  We always noticed that drinking too much beer made us a friendly drunk.  But when someone busted out the gin, we turned into complete animals.  To give you an idea, one night the whole THC team was hanging out just minding our own business and we met up with some ladies.  So of course we had to show off and started taking pulls off a 110 proof bottle of gin.  Our CFO threw up in his hand and passed out in a parking lot.  Our VP blacked out and threw up in a hot tub.  Yeah, it was rough.  The next day we HAD to cure a hangover by drinking a ton of water and laying in bed all day while our bodies recovered from the pain.  It was rough.  We didn't even see what happened to the girls either. 

So, if you are like us and like to drink like fish and can't stop once that sweet, sweet nectar of the gods hits your lips, we recommend sticking to beer instead of liquor.  Liquor hangovers are the absolute worst.  They are also particularly bad on your stomach because the concentrated alcohol really tears up your stomach, giving you what the kids like to call 'liquor shits' in the AM.  So do what we do, stick to beer or wine, and then use THC-The Hangover Cure at the end of the night.  Not that THC can't roundhouse kick the shit out of a liquor hangover, but it's just a lot less taxing on your liver to stick to beer.  Or don't drink alcohol at all.....

No seriously, we are kidding.  Drinking alcohol is our favorite thing to do.  If you do decide to take a ton of shots all night, stick to clear liquor.  We have had less painful hangovers with vodka compared to bourbon.  This is do the the cocenger content in darker liquors, which leads to worse hangovers.  Cheers!

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