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Hangover Cures Explained

Many remedies promise to get rid of a hangover, but do any actually work? Sooner or later most everyone will experience the dreaded "morning after" following a night of alcohol indulgence. A good night out for many involves alcohol - often times a quantity too large for our bodies to handle.

Alcohol introduces toxins to the body and causes dehydration - the combination of the two can cause horrible side effects. Many drinkers will take common pain relievers after drinking in order to mask these symptoms. These over-the-counter medications can cause even further damage to the body and increase strain on the liver. On the other hand, ignoring hangover effects until the following morning often renders the entire day useless, entirely dedicated to recuperation.

Tired of so-called hangover cures that don't work?  So were we, that's why we invented THC-The Hangover Cure.  Loaded with good stuff that your body needs to naturally prevent a hangover from occuring, THC karate chops competing hangover cures by finally addressing every symptom of a hangover.  It just makes sense when you stop to think about it.

(The most common symptoms of hangovers include headache, muscle pain, nausea, fatigue, dizziness, sensitivity to light and sound, and irritability)

Over the counter pain relievers can ease the unpleasantness but aspirin and Tylenol are to be avoided; aspirin irritates the stomach while Tylenol can cause liver damage. Taking more alcohol as a hangover remedy is foolish since this only postpones the misery and further intensifies the feeling of misery that comes after a night of too much fun. It's also just additional empty calories for your body to process, can make you vomit, and really doesn't help make your body feel better in the long run.  Coffee is also not a good remedy since it is also a diuretic.

A survey for the Department of Health found almost one in five people in England admitted to exercising to "make up" for a heavy bout of drinking.

The poll also found that one in five people drinks more than double the NHS recommended amounts per day.

For a woman this is two small glasses of wine, and one more for a man.

Some people swear by "sweating out" a hangover and carrying out strenuous exercise to help the body overcome the effects of heavy drinking.

But the government's Know Your Limits campaign is trying to impress upon people that while exercising may make you feel better, it does not undo the damage caused by serious alcohol consumption.

While studies are increasingly showing that alcohol - even large quantities - may be good for the heart, organs such as the liver can suffer grave harm - with alcohol being blamed, for instance, for a large rise in cases of cirrhosis.

It has also been linked to a significant increase in the risk of having a stroke.

Other hangover cures for sale contain charcoal and calcium carbonate as their active ingredients.  Yes, the same stuff you use to grill food and prevent heartburn with.  These products do nothing to address the nausea, fatigue, muscle ache and dizziness caused by drinking too much alcohol.  Our product doesn't play that game. THC is loaded with a complex blend of all natural, safe ingredients that address every symptom of a hangover while you sleep.  Just mix THC with water and drink before bed and wake up feeling awesome.  So if other hangover cures have failed you in the past, look no further than THC, the world's best hangover cure. Cheers!

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