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Top Rated Hangover Cure Drinks for 2022

Cures for hangovers are a dime a dozen.  Here at drinkTHC dot com, we wanted to examine some of the common remedies and see how they measure up to the greatness of our product THC.

Some people drink a cup of coffee after a night of getting trashed.  If you think coffee will sober you up, think again. It simply makes you a wide-awake drunk. While coffee does NOT help sober you up, it can provide some relief for that pounding headache. On the down side, caffeine can increase dehydration and irritate your stomach further.  There is nothing worse than the upset stomach and nausea that you get with a hangover and coffee will only make it worse.  
Avoid drinking coffee right before you try going to sleep. The caffeine will interfere with the sleep that your body desperately needs to recover. If you usually have coffee in the morning, however, it may be a good idea to have a small cup. At least then you won't experience two drug withdrawals at the same time.  The Hangover Cure is formulated with no caffeine so you don't stay up all night sobering up.  It just makes sense.

Some drinkers believe in the practice of drinking more alcohol to relieve the effects of alcohol consumed the night before. According to the adage, hangover victims are advised to drink the same drink that they drank the night before, although some substitute a Bloody Mary.  THC contains several times the nutritional benefits of a Bloody Mary with none of the vodka and empty calories.
You feel awful when you wake up with a hangover because your body is going through mild withdrawal from an alcohol overdose. By drinking more alcohol, you may alleviate some symptoms of the hangover, but the effect is only temporary; you'll still face the eventual hangover so don't put it off. This behavior can lead to alcohol abuse and is a signal that you may have a drinking problem because apparently drinking vodka at 10 am is a red flag.  Who would have thought?!  

So instead of wasting your time with cures for hangovers that don't work and are dangerous to your health, try us out.  Check out authentic testimonials from satisfied customers all over the country that love our natural hangover cure product.   It works for them, it's safe, and it just might work for you.  Cheers :)

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