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Preventing a Hangover Before Bed

Here at The Hangover Cure, we are all about preventing a hangover.  It's kinda how we roll.  In addition to using our fantastic product, here are a few things you can do to help your body protect itself after you go out and get totally drunk:

Any kind of alcohol can give you a horrible hangover. Some types of alcohol, however, can be meaner to you than others are so be careful.
Avoid doing any of the following:

  • mixing different types of alcohol. Your body takes longer to recognize and metabolize the individual types so stick with one type, like vodka.

  • carbonated drinks like wine spritzers. These rush the absorption of alcohol.

  • sweet drinks (margaritas, dacquiries, and other "frou-frou" drinks). Not only do you look like a sissy little lady boy drinking them, but sweet flavors can disguise the taste of alcohol, and you may not realize how much alcohol you are even drinking until it is too late.

  • any drinks made from dark liquors, especially bourbon, as they contain more congeners, which suck.

  • red or white wine in excess. While beneficial to your health in moderation, red wine has more congeners than white wine. Red wine also contains a substance calledtyramine, which is found in cheeses and rotting meat and is thought by some to cause headaches and ruin your day.

  • cheap liquors. More expensive brands generally undergo a more extensive distillation process that removes many of the congeners that make you ill.  That's why you can always tell a difference between Patron and Rio Grande tequila :)

If you just have to have one of the drinks listed above, you should be able to enjoy it as long as you follow other hangover prevention guidelines, and, as always, drink in moderation.  Sometimes that doesn't work though, and that's when you need the best hangover cure on the planet.  So drink up!

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