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Bad Headache After Drinking? You're Not Alone

  • One of the worst symptoms of a hangover is the dreaded headache.  Read on to discover why you get such a terrible headache when you drink too much, the answer might shock you.  And also learn about how to cure a hangover once and for all.

    When you drink too much, your body sheds extra water.  Our bodies are over 70% water to begin with and obviously nothing living can exist without water.  Translation:  stay hydrated as much as possible.  Alcohol serves as a diuretic and causes you to have to piss every ten minutes.  Maybe that's just us.  But you know what we mean.  Alcohol dehydrates you hardcore.  When your body sheds water, it looks for a way to make up for it.  In this case, it takes water from your brain to replenish the rest of your body.  This usually happens while you sleep.  So when you wake up, you have a terrible head ache and just want to stay in bed all day.  Your brain has literally shrunk and is dehydrated.  Unless you replace the lost hydration and nutrients that you (sorry to be crude) piss away while drinking, you will be hungover.  No magic pill is going to help you.  Luckily, you found us and we are awesome.  The more you drink in a short amount of time, the more you'll feel the alcohol. One's weight is also a factor (the less you weigh, the more you'll feel it), as is a genetic predisposition. Finally, the older you get, the more you'll feel the alcohol the next morning.  Make sense?

    The Hangover Cure is different from other hangover cures out there.  First of all, it's not a pill.  Like we said, pills don't account for dehydration, which is a huge cause of a hangover.  So forget about using them.  Seriously, we created our product out of necessity because nothing else out there did anything for us and we like to get drunk.  THC is actually a powder drink mix you add to water and drink before bed.  While you sleep, THC takes care of all the bad stuff that will happen to you in the morning from drinking too much, including a head ache.  While it is a total hangover cure, it is formulated to prevent headaches.  We even have customers who use it specifically to prevent headaches even when they are not drinking.  It's basically the greatest and best invention in the history of the Interwebz.  So check it out today, you will be happy you did.  The name says it all!  Cheers amigos.

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