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Help Cure a Hangover Naturally

Everyone occasionally needs help the morning after a night of too much fun.  No, not emergency birth control, get your mind out of the gutter.  We are talking about a hangover and how to cure it.  That's why the ninja bad asses at went about creating THC.  That's right baby, THC works.  Just look at our authentic testimonials from people all over the planet who swear by it!  Still not convinced?  Contact us and we will send you some kick ass blog testimonials.  All are completely unpaid and unbiased.  The point is, people love THC for hangover help and now, we want to share our invention with you, the drinking public.

Alcohol stresses your liver, making it less able to produce glucose. Glucose -- sugar -- is the fuel that drives every cell in your body. Brain cells are particularly susceptible to a shortage of this fuel.

Alcohol also affects the chemicals that cells in your body use to communicate with each other. One of these chemicals is prostaglandin, which regulates the way you feel pain, among other things.

Finally, alcohol has an inflammatory effect, making your blood vessels swell. This is why some people don't have to wait until morning for their headache.

The main indirect effects of alcohol come from a chemical called acetaldehyde, made as your body processes the booze.

This chemical works like a drug, making you sweat and flush, your heart race, and your stomach turn nauseous. If enough acetaldehyde accumulates in your body, you vomit.

Another indirect effect of alcohol is disturbed sleep. This is why it's so hard to "sleep off" a hangover.

When you drink too much, you feel like going to sleep -- but there is a paradoxical awakening during the night.  Alcohol interferes with rapid-eye movement sleep; and people wake frequently. This waking contributes to headache.

So, if you need hangover help that actually works, you need the best hangover cure on the planet.  Other hangover cures are afraid of it.  Seriously.  They beg for mercy before us.  It's pretty flattering actually.  Cheers!

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