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Best Hangover Remedy

When you drink too much wine, you need a way to feel better in the AM.  That way, you can do this every weekend, you know?  Yes, we did just quote the Notorious BIG.  Anyway, a good hangover cure involves more than just eating some bread and drinking some water.  Sure, it's a good start, but there is more you can do.  Get some vitamins and minerals in you, for starters.  Alcohol takes away vital nutrients you need to wake up feeling awesome the next morning and can throw your whole body out of wake.  So vitamins are a must for preventing a hangover.  

Sleep.  This one is pretty obvious.  Over time, you will start to feel better.  It's a last resort, but your body is dealing with some rough shit and it helps to lay down for a few hours.  Try splitting the day into two sections.  Wake up, get some food in you, and then go back to sleep after noon and wake up around 4 pm.  It's just a waiting game if you are really hungover.  

Milk thistle extract and NAC, both of which are available in our product, which will cure a hangover better than anything on the planet, can help protect your liver against all the bad stuff alcohol is doing to your body.  Both are available at most health food stores so check them out.  They can help out and there is scientific evidence to support the claims.  B12 is also a good supplement to take.

These remedies can help after you go out and party your face off.  Of course you should drink responsibly but every now and then one drink turns into ten and you end up throwing up in a bathroom.  So be safe, no matter what happens, you don't want to end up in jail.  

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